Venice Skatepark

Preliminary Model






Construction began on the new two million dollar 16,000 sq ft skate park at the end of December. The park is being built on the beach at the end of Windward. Construction is expected to take about ten months.

The Los Angeles Board of Recreation and Park Commissioners approved the plans for this 16,000 square foot skate park at Venice Beach on June 18.

The park was designed by Zack Wormhoudt, RRM Design Group and local skaters from Venice.

This past Saturday morning, Zach sent me the latest plans for the park. I printed the plans and met with Christian Hosoi, Pat Ngoho and other skaters at Culver City skatepark in the afternoon. Christian, Pat and Jesse Martinez made slight changes to the bowl from our original design.

I put the changes in the computer and emailed them back to Zach that night.
The new bowl (below)

The changes to the bowl call for a softer hip and a bit more curve on the opposite wall from the hip.

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